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Welcome to Texas Closed Captioning

Texas Closed Captioning, LLC is a woman-owned, small business and was founded in 1990. Texas Closed Captioning, LLC provided the first live captioned broadcast in Central Texas on October 1, 1990.   We provide live captioning, post-production captioning, webcast captioning, CART, Remote CART and transcription services.

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  • Extremely Customer Friendly
  • Dolly
  • I have worked with Texas Closed Captioning (TCC) to provide accommodations to deaf and hard of hearing members of a Governor-appointed council and the public for the past eight years. I have always found TCC to be extremely customer friendly. They are not only my go-to service for closed captioning in Austin and San Antonio, they have worked with me to assist me find similar services in other Texas locations. I can always count on TCC to provide excellent captioning and transcription services. The meeting transcript is available to me a few days after the meeting and is a wonderful tool to use in the production of the meeting minutes. Texas Closed Captioning gets the highest rating possible from me. Dolly W - Meeting Planner